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One Suspect Dead And Another Arrested Following Effingham Shootout

One suspect was shot dead and another arrested after a high speed chase and shootout with a tracking ground team in the process of recovering a vehicle the suspects had stolen.

Earlier this afternoon at approximately 15h00 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received multiple calls from members of the public reporting a shooting incident on Effingham Road in the Effingham Heights area.

Multiple Armed Response Officers and Special Operations Team members were dispatched and arrived on scene within minutes. 

On scene it was established that a Ford Ranger that had been stolen last week was being chased by the Discovery Insurance Tracking Ground Team. During the chase the suspects driving the stolen vehicle opened fire on the Discovery Tracking Ground Team and the members returned fire. The suspects then had a head on collision with a motorist and following the crash an unknown amount of suspects alighted from the stolen vehicle and fled the scene. One suspect was shot dead on scene and another was immediately arrested, while the remaining suspects fled on foot. An unlicensed firearm was also found on scene.

The injured motorist was transported to hospital by a private ambulance service after sustaining severe injuries.

The scene was secured and will be processed and investigated further by the Greenwood Park SAPS.

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