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Rapid Response Prevents Copper Theft: Marshall Security Captures Suspects

Yesterday evening at approximately 16h47 Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre was alerted by a vigilant neighbour on Delaware Avenue in the Glenashley area who noticed two suspects jumping into a next door property.

Multiple Armed Response Officers and members of our Special Operations Team were immediately dispatched who arrived on scene within minutes and was established that the two suspects stole copper pipes and fled into the Virginia Bush prior to the arrival of our team members.

CCTV footage was obtained on scene and the description of the wanted suspects was circulated to all our team members to be on the lookout.

A few moments later the two suspects were spotted on Rinaldo Road in the Glen Hills area and were immediately apprehended. Upon search the suspects copper pipes and copper fittings were found in their possession. The suspects could possibly be linked to numerous similar incidents in the area of Durban North and Greenwood Park. This will be investigated further by the SAPS.

The SAPS were contacted who arrived on scene a short while later and transported the suspects to a local Police Station for further processing and investigation.

Copper theft is rife at the moment and several cases have been reported to our Emergency Dispatch Centre in the last few months.

We urge the community to please be vigilant and have the correct and necessary security measures in place to not fall victim of copper theft.

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