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Robbed Courier Vehicle’s Stolen Loot Recovered 30 Minutes Later

Robbed Courier Vehicle's Stolen Loot Recovered 30 Minutes Later

A second courier vehicle was robbed of its contents, shortly following the first incident that took place on Wednesday afternoon. Some items were recovered when the suspects’ vehicle used in the commissioning of the crime was quickly found.

On Friday morning at approximately 09h40 a courier vehicle was robbed of all its loot on the M13/Richmond Road intersection in the Pinetown area by an unknown number of armed suspects driving a white Mercedes Benz.

Members of our Special Operations Team together with Capital Air, the SAPS Phoenix Trio Crime Unit and Ntuzuma SAPS, working on information received located the Mercedes Benz in Kwamashu’s L section approximately 30 minutes after being alerted to the incident, where it was found abandoned.

Upon searching the vehicle, which had false number plates fitted, various items confirmed to have been taken during the robbery were recovered. A gas gun was also found in the vehicle which was possibly used in the armed robbery. Unfortunately the suspects were nowhere to be seen.

The scene was secured and will be investigated further by the SAPS.

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