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Special Ops Team Save E-Hailing Driver Stabbed Multiple Times During Hijacking

Last night an e-hailing driver was attacked by armed hijackers while waiting to fetch passengers. The driver was stabbed several times and sought assistance from a nearby bottle store in the Greenwood Park area. The store immediately contacted the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre and our team arrived in a matter of minutes, and managed to stabilise the wounded victim while other members of our Special Operations Team assisted Bidtrack to locate the hijacked vehicle.

At approximately 19h30 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a panic activation from a client, a well-known bottle store on Effingham Road, where it was reported that a vehicle hijacking had taken place and that the victim had been stabbed multiple times.

Multiple Armed Response Officers and Special Ops Team members were dispatched and arrived on scene within minutes.

Reports from the scene indicated that an e-hailing driver was requested to pick up passengers on Ben Nevis Road. While the driver was waiting for his clients, he was approached by two suspects, one of which was armed with a knife, and then hijacked the motorist of his white Toyota Corolla.

During the hijacking the victim was stabbed multiple times, sustaining stab wounds to the head, chest, arm and hand. The victim then ran to the bottle store for assistance. Members of our Special Ops Team administered First Aid and Intermediate Life Support to the critically wounded victim and managed to stabilise the victim on scene.

While still attending to the injured victim, additional members of our Special Ops Team were activated by Bidtrack to assist with the same hijacked Toyota Corolla. Our team members, determined to recover the hijacked vehicle, immediately responded. After 20 minutes from being dispatched, the hijacked vehicle was recovered and found abandoned in the Newlands East area by our team members together with Bidtrack ground team.

Netcare911 arrived on scene a short while later and transported the critically wounded victim to a local hospital for the further medical care that he would require.

Greenwood Park SAPS were in attendance and will be investigating a case of hijacking and attempted murder.

A big thank you goes to the shop owner of the bottle store who assisted the victim and who knew what to do in case of an emergency and that was to get hold of Marshall Security.

Well done to our team yet again, showing that we are there for the community, from medical assistance to recovering the hijacked vehicle.

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