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Swift Action in Partnership with GWA Nets Copper Cable Theft Suspects

This morning, around 10h30, while patrolling Gillitts Road, one of our Armed Response Officers observed two individuals, carrying a packet. When approached for questioning about the contents of the bag, the suspects dropped the packet and fled on foot. Immediate backup was requested, prompting the rapid deployment of our Special Operations and Tactical teams to the scene.

After a brief pursuit, both suspects were successfully apprehended. Upon inspection, the abandoned packet was found to contain approximately 8 kilograms of copper cables. The suspects were unable to provide a satisfactory explanation for possessing these items, raising suspicions about their origin.

Subsequently, SAPS arrived on scene and were also met with insufficient explanations from the suspects regarding the acquisition of the cables. As a result, the individuals were taken into custody and transported to the Pinetown SAPS station, where they will be facing charges related to the possession of suspected stolen goods.

This incident highlights the ongoing issue of copper theft in the area and the importance of community and security collaboration in tackling such challenges.

This incident highlights the importance of collaborative efforts in maintaining public safety. The significant contribution of the Greater Westmead Association (GWA) to the successful apprehension showcases their dedication to promoting a secure community through united actions.

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