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Vigilant Patrol Leads To Successful Arrest And Conviction

Vigilant Patrol Leads To Arrest and Recovery Of Stolen Items

Talent Mbatha was arrested in May by our vigilant Special Operations Team members, who noticed Mbatha suspiciously walking on Beachway, in Durban North. After Mbatha noticed our members on patrol, he tried to avoid them by walking in the opposite direction. As our members approached, Mbatha attempted to flee but was immediately apprehended and after searching the bags that were in his possession, several stolen items were found. The suspect could not provide a valid explanation as to how he was in possession of the items.

Talent Mbatha was found guilty Last week Wednesday in the Durban Magistrates Court for being in possession of stolen property. 

The accused was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment which will be wholly suspended for 5 years.

Detective Sgt Sithole from Durban North SAPS must be commended on her efforts and dedication to the case.

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