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David Blackwood

Hello, I’d like to send an email of thanks to the Marshall Security HR department, in relation to the services I received from your armed response employee Steven Schmitt. During Diwali, my dog got out of my property and went missing – Your armed response patrolman (Steven) picked her up on Old Mill Way.

It’s one thing for an armed response patrolman to do his job and respond to disturbances and alarm activations but what Steven did goes well above what he is employed to do. He picked her up, calmed her down (as she was obviously frightened) and then made sure that she was kept safe. Please give my sincere thanks to Steven for the kindness he showed.

Margaret Morby

We are an aged couple in a rental. My husband is handicapped, with no strength in his 84 year old legs! He is prone to ‘falls’ and is too heavy for me to lift up. Your organisation has been invaluable in helping me, by coming to the rescue. Everyone from the upfront people answering the phone, to Johan and Selwyn helping to lift him into a safe position again. Fortunately we haven’t had any injuries, which I dread. Thank you so much for helping us, as we feel very vulnerable. We are encouraged to know you are just a phone call away. We respect and admire the sacrificial work you do. This is our appreciation and thanks. Lynton and Margaret.

Almi Kirby

Thank you so much to the wonderful people from Marshall Security! When my vehicle broke down on the road to La Mercy, they sent me a kind young giant (whose name I cannot remember) to assist me. He waited with me until the mechanic arrived! I really am so very thankful.
He told me that things happen for a reason, and made me feel safe. May God bless all of you every day and keep you safe.

Sasha Deepchund

Good day, in the early hours of this morning, a Marshall Security patrolman and a call centre employee assisted us in locating our dog who ran out of our property when the gate was opened. These employees found our St Bernard in the Glen Hills area, quite a distance from our home, and used his tracking chip to contact us so we could fetch him.
We wanted to extend our thanks to them, and to Marshall Security as a whole. Unfortunately we did not get their names, but we are so grateful to them for helping us get our dog home safely!

Robyn Bester

Hi, I just want to thank you for such great service. After our neighbour nearly got broken into, I called to redo a quote and you came ASAP to help. When you came to redo our quote you even walked around the complex showing me where the danger points were.

I have felt a lot safer with your care and support and your great service. Thank you again. So excited for Monday when Marshall put in our new security system.

Mrs Oliver

I would like to say a huge thanks to Marshall Security and their employee Gabriel. On a recent evening at about 6.30pm, it was pouring with rain and the weather was terrible. My vehicle went into a huge pothole and the one front wheel wasn’t even touching the road.

Gabriel who was patrolling stopped to offer assistance despite the pouring rain and managed to put stones under the wheel and got my car out. Thank you Gabriel.

I feel that he went beyond what was expected. I am proud to say that I am a client of Marshall Security and I congratulate them on their staff.

A.F.(Tony) Van Breda

Hi, your technical team of Fortune and CK arrived promptly at 08.30 today. In addition to their punctuality, I wish to compliment them on their professionalism, politeness and patience.

I come from a professional engineering/management career and though now retired, I am still a stickler for perfection. Your guys delighted my wife and I today and we are so delighted with our decision to switch to Marshall Security.