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[WATCH FOOTAGE] Armed Response Officers Uncover Suspect Hiding In Roof

Earlier this morning our Armed Response Officers responded to a call-out to a housebreaking in progress within 3 minutes, only to uncover a suspect hiding in the roof of the Durban North home he had previously stolen copper pipes from.

This morning just before 08h00, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call from an alert neighbour in Ryde Place who noticed a suspect breaking into their neighbouring property. 

Our Armed Response Officers were dispatched and arrived on the scene within 3 minutes. Upon their arrival, our officers noticed that the roof tiles of the house were displaced and suspected that the housebreaker could possibly be hiding out in the ceiling of the property. A ladder was then found and used to get onto the roof of the house, where the suspect was quickly uncovered and immediately arrested.

The suspect, who lives in a nearby informal settlement, admitted to being involved in the previous theft incident at the same property where he had stolen all the copper pipes from the exterior of the house, and now he had returned to steal all the internal copper pipes.

The homeowner of the property was informed accordingly and proceeded to open a case against the suspect. 

Greenwood Park SAPS were dispatched and arrived on scene a short while later, where the suspect was handed over to them for further investigating a case of housebreaking.

A job well done to our Armed Response Officers for their blitz response and resourcefulness in locating and arresting the suspect!

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