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Armed Robbers Evade Arrest After Shootout at Liquor Store

Last night an unknown amount of armed robbers opened fire at our team members during a business robbery at a well-known liquor store in the Sea Cow Lake area.

At approximately 18h30 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call from a client on Temple Road in the Sea Cow Lake area of a business robbery in progress at a well-known liquor store.

Multiple Armed Response Officers and members of our Special Operations Team were immediately dispatched.

Our team members arrived on scene within minutes and saw the suspects exiting the store and as soon as the suspects noticed our team members they immediately opened fire. Our team members then returned fire and a shootout ensued. During the shootout, the suspects fled into a nearby dense bush and an extensive search was conducted for the wanted armed suspects who unfortunately managed to evade arrest.

Fortunately, none of our team members sustained any injuries during the shootout.

It was later established that an undisclosed amount of cash and other items of value had been stolen during the business robbery. 

The Greenwood Park SAPS were dispatched and arrived on scene a short while later, they will be investigating a case of business robbery and attempted murder.

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