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CCTV Footage Ensures Repeat-Offending Thief’s Arrest

Last week our teams were able to arrest a thief that has been active in the Glen Hills area with the help of footage from CCTV cameras.

On Wednesday afternoon the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre was notified of a theft incident at a client’s property in the Glen Hills area, where two suspects were involved in stealing several meters of copper pipes from the property on Beech Road.

Working together with the Glen An-Hills Neighbourhood Watch and SAPS, the necessary investigations were conducted and one of the two suspects involved in the theft was identified via CCTV footage, which revealed that he had previously been arrested by our team members – also for theft. 

The wanted suspect’s description was circulated to all our team members to be on the lookout and the homeowner opened a case of theft with the SAPS.

Then on Saturday afternoon at approximately 15h00, members of our Special Operations Team spotted the wanted suspect walking on Blackburn Road in the Redhill area where he was immediately apprehended. The Greenwood Park SAPS were informed and arrived on scene a short while later, whereafter the suspect was transported to Durban North SAPS and charged for theft.

Investigations are still ongoing for the second outstanding wanted suspect.

In a separate incident on Saturday morning, just before 04h00 one of our vigilant Armed Response Officers patrolling the Glen Ashley area spotted a suspect stealing a water meter on Ypsilanti Avenue. As soon as the suspect spotted our Armed Response Officer he attempted to flee on foot, but was quickly apprehended. 

The homeowner was informed and desired to press charges against the suspect. The Durban North SAPS were informed and arrived on scene a short while later and transported the suspect to Durban North SAPS where the suspect will be charged for theft.

We would like to remind homeowners that the onus is on them to report any stolen water meters from their property to the SAPS, and not that of the municipality.

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