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Flooding Updates From The Field


Nine months ago Durban was on fire, and we couldn’t quite comprehend the surreality of what we were experiencing. Now, Durban is being washed away, and much of the lingering angst and devastation has returned in sheets of shocking downpour and destructive mounds of mudslides.

The shrouds of utter despondency clouding Durban suburbs in the wake of unnatural disaster has been tangible, as residents helplessly watched their lives flood away, their cars float down rivers that were roads mere hours before, loved ones getting stuck, stranded, swept away.

While we take a moment to assess the damage as the day breaks and muster the courage to shoulder the weight of rebuilding, we are reminded that no man is an island, even when we find ourselves in the middle of floodwaters.

In true community spirit, calls for aid were answered. We salute every single first responder, emergency services personnel, our own dedicated members – for their unfaltering, diligent duty and bravery, putting the safety of every person they were called to assist above their own. Wading through flood waters, navigating treacherous roads, rescuing motorists, extracting trapped residents long into the night. And then neighbours lining up with shovels and buckets and mops, to start clearing the way to normality. Again.

If we learned anything from the July riots, it’s that our Durban flame will not be extinguished despite adversity, that we are a resilient people, and that we are capable of putting out lives back together, even if it doesn’t quite look the same it did before.

12 April 2022

Inclement weather conditions continued to wreak havoc during peak time traffic as flooded roads, mudslides, fallen trees and accidents formed a perfect storm for motorists. With the rain yet to subside, our Armed Response Officers and Special Operations Team members continue to brave the weather and now the darkness too, assisting residents where in need.

Here’s an update on the current situations they have been involved in.

Morning Scenes


Durban Beach

11 April 2022

00:00 UPDATE

La Lucia – Vehicle Submerged

A car was completely submerged under water under the M4 bridge at La Lucia Mall. This is a no go zone.

23:30 UPDATE

La Lucia – Bridge Underpass Flooded

The underpass towards Forest Drive was completely flooded, vehicles unable to pass through.

Durban North – Complete Road Closure

The road on Umhlanga Rocks Drive north between the two entrances to Somerset Park is completely obstructed by the walls of two complexes that have collapsed. There is also a tree obstructing the road. Motorists are traveling contraflow to pass.

23:15 UPDATE

La Lucia – Armstrong Avenue Affected

A call for rescue has come from the bottom of Armstrong Avenue in the vicinity of the La Lucia Mall, where there has been more flooding that occurred. Members are mobile to assist.

Durban North – Boundary Wall Collapse

Assistance has been requested at a premises in Doreen Crescent where a boundary wall has collapsed.

22:45 UPDATE

Durban North – Homes Flooding

Members are mobile to a house that’s flooding in Lansdowne Crescent to see if they can be of assistance, whereafter they will make their way to a property in Ratoon Hill in Sunningdale where a bank has collapsed and caused the pool to move away.

22:30 UPDATE

Durban North – Riverside Road Inaccessible

Riverside Road leading to the M4 is completely blocked. Motorists have abandoned their vehicles in the flood, not being able to access the M4. Please, avoid taking this route.

Umdloti – More Evacuations As Flooding Continues

Two more apartment buildings on North Beach Road have been evacuated following further flooding in the area. These are in the same vicinity as the building that was evacuated earlier today.

22:00 UPDATE

Springfield Park – Factory Workers To Be Rescued Via Boat

Members are responding to calls for assistance for factory workers stuck in a building in Peters Road. Marshall Security and the eThekwini Fire Department are on scene, who are readying to reach the workers via boat to get them to safety.

N2 North and South – Umhlali River Breaks Banks

The freeway both ways in the vicinity of the Umhlali River is a NO GO zone! The rivers is flowing over the barriers and completely flooding the N2, it is inaccessible. Use alternative routes.

21:00 UPDATE

Durban North – Structure Collapses On Domestic Worker

Members were alerted and responded to the structural collapse of domestic quarters at a property in Portland Place. A domestic worker is trapped underneath the rubble after a retaining wall fell on top of the building. Emergency medical services arrived on scene and are currently assessing the situation. Her condition is currently unknown.

20:00 UPDATE

Umdloti – Resident Stuck In Evacuated Block Of Flats

One of the residents in the block of flats that had been evacuated earlier today due to the mudslide that had swept through the building, has been trapped in her apartment. Recently having undergone surgery, the resident has been unable to escape. Rescue teams were dispatched to the scene and are currently devising methods of safely extracting her.

Verulam – Mom and Infant Tragically Wash Away

Our members responded to a call in Verulam where a vehicle had washed away. Unfortunately, the female motorist and her 2-week-old infant were washed away along with the vehicle, and sadly succumbed to the flood.

Durban North – Motorists Stuck In Vehicle

On the Riverside Road Onramp to the M4 North Bound motorists had been stuck in their vehicle, but fortunately didn’t suffer any injuries. A tree has fallen down on this road and it is currently inaccessible and motorists will have to turn around – avoid this route.

Durban North – Senior Couple Stranded In Vehicle

A senior couple had been stuck in their vehicle on Forest Drive after it had suffered a mechanical failure. The water level had risen above the doors of the vehicle and they were unable to exit it. Our members together with members of the public assisted with safely transferring them into a secondary vehicle to be transported home safely. The vehicle was pushed to the side of the road to clear the way, however the puddle remains and is still a high safety risk, avoid this area.

Durban North – Virginia Circle Flooded

Virginia Circle is currently completely flooded.

As the rain is predicted to continue throughout the night, the City’s Disaster Management Unit is on high alert, and they have urged the public to adhere to the following safety measures:

  • Disconnect electrical appliances if your house has flooded.
  • Do not attempt to cross flowing water sources such as rivers.
  • Do not drive across bridges that have flooded.
  • Avoid low lying areas that are prone to flooding.
  • Stay away from power lines and electrical wires.
  • Evacuate flooded areas immediately.
  • Pay close attention to media notices.

When reporting emergencies, the public is urged to provide precise location details to ensure that they can be reached as soon as possible. Floods, Metro Police, Disaster and Emergency can be contacted on 031 361 0000.

As always, we have your back, In Case Of Anything 086 162 7732.

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