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High-Speed Chase Ends in Suspect Apprehension: Stolen Goods and Remote Jammer Recovered

On Tuesday afternoon, at approximately 16h40, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received reports of a theft out of motor vehicle incident which occurred at a well-known shopping centre in the Umhlanga area and that the suspects were travelling in a white VW Polo.

Details of the suspect’s vehicle was circulated to all our Armed Response Officers and members of our Special Operations Team, alerting them to be on the lookout.

Shortly afterwards, the suspect’s vehicle was spotted on the M4 Ruth First Highway by members of our Special Operations Team. They immediately started to follow the vehicle and the Durban North SAPS were promptly informed.

When the suspect’s noticed our team following, they immediately started to accelerate driving at high speed, driving recklessly, shooting through red robots and driving contraflow with total disregard to other road users in an attempt to evade arrest. This did not deter our dedicated team members and stayed hot on the heels of the suspects.

After a lengthy pursuit, the suspect’s vehicle eventually came to a halt on Albany Grove in the Durban Central where the suspects alighted from their vehicle. Our team members immediately chased on foot and managed to apprehend one suspect who was found in possession of a remote jammer and a cellphone which is suspected to be stolen.

Unfortunately, after an extensive search was conducted the remaining suspects managed to evade arrest blending in with the busy afternoon foot traffic in Durban busy City Center.

The Durban North SAPS arrived on scene within seconds to assist. Upon searching the suspect’s vehicle, which was fitted with cloned number plates, stolen property as well as car-breaking implements were found.

The apprehended suspect is believed to be linked to numerous cases of theft out of motor vehicles in the greater Durban area including areas such as La Lucia, Westville and Morningside.

Both the suspect and the suspect’s vehicle used in the commission of the crime were transported to Durban North SAPS for further investigation and processing.

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