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🎃 It’s Halloween, Sweet! Here’s How To Stay Safe When It Gets Scary Out There


If we’re honest, the things that make Halloween awesomely Halloween-y are the things that would trigger a whole big bunch of red flags for a security company like ours under normal circumstances. But, since, we’re huge fans of sweets and chocolates (we’ll accept pretty much whatever is going gratefully btw, just putting that out there), we tend to make exceptions for this one particular event.

So, to clarify, if misdemeanor-y offences include any of the following (while being small and adorable), the perpetrator is in the clear:

  1. Making random inconsequential threats (trick or treat? Really?).
  2. Accepting sweets from strangers (generally very VERY against the rules, but, we’re watching those ‘strangers’. *Homer Simpson glare activated*).
  3. Hiding who you really are behind a mask. (Because, not suspicious, like, at all).

Admittedly, it’s easy for us to be super-supportive of ‘little monsters’ and their night of calculated chaos, because we don’t have to worry about what happens after the sugar rush is over, that’s a YOU problem guys (In Case Of Anything can only extend so far). So, good luck with that.

Everything else however, we’ve got your back for.

Like, for instance, given the current ongoing COVID-Y situation, we understand that you may still be a little worried about safety. That’s why we thought we’d slide in here and provide you with some simple but effective solutions and ideas, so that you can approach the event reassured.

When It’s ‘Scary’ Out There – Here’s How To Stay Safe

Haunting the Big Bad Streets? How To Do Halloween Out and About:

If you’re heading out to roam the streets of your neighbourhood please:

  • Take a little bottle of hand sanitizer with you. Now apply it liberally to your life.  
  • Disinfect the sweets before eating them. (Side note for the ‘strangers’ providing the sweets – wrapped ones only, please and thank you).
  • Always wear your mask. A bit redundant at Halloween we guess, but indulge us anyway.
  • Wash your hands whenever possible.
  • STOP. TOUCHING. THINGS. (We’re calm. You’re good. We’re all gonna be OK).

Ghosting The Main Event? How To Do Halloween At Home:

If you’re choosing to put safety first by staying at home, you make astonishingly good choices and we like you. Plus you can still have fun anyway. Here are some things to consider:

  • Carve some pumpkins. (10/10 would recommend).
  • Dress up anyway.
  • Attend a virtual Halloween event/party (hello Zoom my old friend).
  • Visit an online haunted house (walkthroughs and tours are available).
  • Take part in a creepy online scavenger hunt or escape room (virtually the same as the real deal right?).
  • Get that monster mashing playlist playing.
  • Stream a scary movie and watch it online with mates.
  • PS. Arm your alarm *ahem*  ‘cause if you’re gonna stay home to be ‘safe’ then you know… be safe.

If There’s Something Strange In Your Neighbourhood

At the end of the day (night?), if there’s something strange happening in your neighbourhood (that extends beyond excited sugar high screaming – which is just dad btw) please give us a call or hit your panic, and we’ll be there, all dressed up too. Fine, that’s just our uniform, but we’ve still got the spirit, and we’ve got you too.

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