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Nalizé van Rooyen


🎃 It’s Halloween, Sweet! Here’s How To Stay Safe When It Gets Scary Out There

f we’re honest, the things that make Halloween awesomely Halloween-y are the things that would trigger a whole big bunch of red flags for a security company like ours under normal circumstances. But, since, we’re huge fans of sweets and chocolates (we’ll accept pretty much whatever is going gratefully btw, just putting that out there), we tend to make exceptions for this one particular event.

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Loadshedding: How to level up in the power down!

On an average evening we receive a fair number of signals – a figure that is completely manageable with our reaction compliment; designed as it is, to offer you the fastest turnaround times in our areas of service, while treating each activation like the priority we believe it must be.

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Escape Plan

Escape Plan: Top Rules To Live By (No, Really)

Your surge of adrenaline has been activated and flight or fight mode is subsequently in effect, which means now is a great time to dust off that escape plan that you brainstormed back in 1993, had your kid draw up in crayon… and haven’t thought about since.

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