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Lengthy Foot Chase Leads To Another Successful Arrest

On Sunday evening our teams successfully apprehended a suspect that had stolen items from a non-client’s property.

At approximately 18h30 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call from a client on Parthab Road who reported that a suspect had just stolen plastic chairs from a property that is not monitored by Marshall on Tyne Avenue in the Avoca area.

Multiple Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched and whilst responding to the scene the suspect was seen on Old North Coast Road carrying the plastic chairs. As soon as the suspect noticed our Armed Response Officers, he dropped the stolen chairs and fled on foot. After a lengthy foot chase, the suspect was eventually apprehended on North Coast Road in the Avoca area.

The homeowner was informed accordingly and wished to proceed with pressing charges against the suspect. 

The Greenwood Park SAPS were notified and arrived on scene a short while later. The suspect together with the stolen items were handed over to the SAPS for further processing and investigating.

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