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Repeat Greenwood Park Offender Apprehended in Durban North After Intense Foot Chase

This afternoon at approximately 14h00, members of our Special Operations Team, during a routine patrol in Durban North, spotted a suspect walking on Old Mill Way. This individual was wanted for a housebreaking and theft incident which occurred in August this year on Atterbury Road in the Park Hill area.

As soon as the suspect noticed out team members approaching, the suspect immediately fled on foot. Additional backup was swiftly dispatched to assist. After a short foot chase with back up arriving on scene the suspect was eventually apprehended after a scuffle on Prospect Hall Road in the Durban North area.

This suspect is no stranger to our team, having been arrested numerous times previously. The most recent incident involved his apprehension for theft in the Glen Hills area in September of last year.

The suspect was handed over to Greenwood Park SAPS for further investigation and processing.

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