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The Consensus is… You Count! Stay Safe When Census Workers Come Knocking!

Shocking things happen these days. Like sometimes your landline rings (yeah, we saw one recently, they’re still a real thing) or you wind up with, wait for it, actual post in your postbox, and not just bills or junk mail!

Right up there with these, is the sound of your home intercom, because honestly, who hits those anymore? Nobody, that’s who. Friends and family text their arrival, like any other good introvert.

So, follow up question then… what do you do now? Apart from drop, roll and peer out at the gate from your new safe position behind your curtain. Well, while we like a good stealth mode activation as much as the next person, and we think your couch dismount was stellar, we hate to break it to you, but… you’re actually going to have to open your door.

It’s census time you guys, so entering your life soon (and ringing doorbells like they were made for it), are Stats SA Fieldworkers, running with our first nationwide census since 2011.

Before we deep dive into the safety aspect of chatting to fieldworkers, we would like to unpack why the census is so important in the first place. If you know this part, feel free to skip ahead.

The con-census is… it’s important.

  • Our previous censuses were conducted by Stats SA in 1996, 2001 and 2011.
  • Data collected is used for planning, policy formulating and evidence-based decision-making. What the heck does that mean? Well, with the results, budget allocations are made across local, provincial and national government. It allows for equitable distribution of resources basically.
  • Municipalities are provided small area data for use in their integrated development plans.
  • Information collected remains ‘top secret’ i.e. as per Stats Act, 1999 (act no. 6 of 1999) all info provided will be kept confidential and will not be passed on to any individual or organization for any purpose.
  • The census attempts to give a complete count of the number of people and households in SA.
  • It provides information on the demographic, social and economic aspects of the population such as health, education and employment.

Alright so back to your ringing doorbell. It’s time to kick off your fuzzy unicorn slippers (cute), and get your game face on because it’s time to be counted!

The con-census is… be careful.

Stats SA has deployed some 165,000 contracted staff to collect data from over 17 million households across South Africa. That is pretty wow. So is the R20 billion budget (according to an article published on IOL in January) that has been allocated to make this happen quickly, efficiently and effectively.

COVID is obviously still a thing, and you need to follow those precautions please (for your and the Stats SA fieldworkers’ safety). That means, mask on – but not your Darth Vader one, that’ll just be awkward. However, that said, what we really want you to be most careful of right now, are the people you are letting into your home. Make sure they’re the real deal.

  1. Your STATS SA fieldworker can be identified through their official Stats SA ID card (which should display logo, photograph, unique number and district they have been assigned). They should also be wearing a census 2022 branded bib, peak cap, mask and bag.
  2. Fieldworker pictures and details will be available on the Stats SA website for authentication and you can search for anyone using, name, surname or verification number.
  3. You may also contact the Census 2022 toll-free number (0800 110 248) to verify the authenticity of fieldworkers visiting your home.
  4. You can contact the provincial census contact person to verify the legitimacy of the person knocking at your door as well.
  5. Fieldworkers will not be collecting data on paper, as per previous years, but they will be using digital devices instead. (This is for increased turnaround time and data security).
  6. If you have opted for a telephonic interview you may verify the authenticity of the staff member by using the unique identification number they supply.
  7. Guys, you will NOT be asked for your ID number, bank details or PIN number, so please don’t share these. Ever. With anyone.
  8. FYI. Our census started on 2 February and will continue until 9 March.

The con-census is… you have to let them in.

Here’s the thing guys. The data collected from a census is way too important and you count far too much, for you to sit this one out. To encourage your compliance (we worded that nicely) if you refuse to take part in the census… you can look forward to a hefty fine in the upwards vicinity of R10,000 or jail time of up to 6 months (big yikes) and you will still have to supply your information anyway. So, in short a) answer the doorbell, b) answer the questions, c) be counted, and d) we’ve got your back if you need us.

Since numbers matter and stuff like that, we would just like to take this opportunity to gently remind you that you are not just a number to us. But that we do however have a number that you can use, In Case of Anything. Here it is: 086 162 7732.

So, call us if you have an issue, if you are concerned about whoever is ringing your doorbell, or if you are ready to sign up with a private security team that gets the job done, and that’s by consensus.

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