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Team Recovers Hijacked Vehicle in Effingham Heights Minutes After Alert

Just after 19h00 last night, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received an alert of a hijacking incident which had occurred on Devshi Drive in the Avoca area. It was reported that one of the suspects involved in the hijacking was a female.

Members of our Special Operations Team, along with our Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene.

Details of the hijacked vehicle were circulated to all our members, urging them to be on the lookout. Within 10 minutes of searching, the reported hijacked vehicle was found abandoned on Effingham Road in the Effingham Heights area and was recovered by our Armed Response Officers together with the assistance of Greenwood Park SAPS Trio Crimes Unit.

The vehicle was then transported to the Greenwood Park SAPS for further investigation into the hijacking incident.

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