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Team Thwarts Property Intrusion in Westmead: Suspect Arrested

This morning at approximately 08h45, while on a routine patrol in the Westmead, Pinetown area, one of our Armed Response Officers observed a suspect damaging the fence line of a client’s property on Surprise Road, attempting to gain unauthorised entry.

Our Armed Response Officer acted swiftly and immediately called for backup from our Tactical Team. As the suspect spotted our Armed Response Officer, he attempted to flee on foot. However our Tactical Officers arrived on scene within seconds to assist and the suspect was promptly apprehended on Henry Pennington Road.

The client was informed and expressed a desire to press charges against the suspect.

Pinetown SAPS were notified who arrived on scene a short while later and transported the suspect to Pinetown SAPS and will be facing charges of malicious damage to property.

This incident highlights the crucial role of teamwork in maintaining community safety, with the Greater Westmead Association playing an essential part. Their dedication to creating a safer environment through collaborative efforts has been fundamental to the success of this operation.

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