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Two Armed Suspects Hijack Mercedes Benz In Morningside

On Tuesday evening our teams managed to recover a hijacked vehicle that had been taken in the Morningside area by two armed suspects.

At approximately 20h30 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call for assistance from a member of the public who had just been hijacked of his silver Mercedes Benz in Peace Avenue by two armed suspects whilst dropping off a friend after gym.

Details of the hijacked vehicle were immediately circulated to all our Armed Response Officers to be on the lookout, whilst Armed Response Officers were also dispatched to the scene where the hijacking had taken place to render assistance to the victim. 

It was later established that the Mercedes was fitted with Bidvest Tracking and they were notified accordingly. A short while later members of our Special Operations Team were activated to assist Bidvest Tracking with locating the hijacked vehicle. 

Our members immediately responded to the last known location of the hijacked vehicle and within minutes it was found abandoned on Mhlonhlo Drive in Kwamashu J – Section where it was recovered by members of our Special Ops Team, Bidvest Tracking Ground Team and Ntuzuma SAPS.

The scene was secured and will be investigated further by the SAPS.

Well done to our team on yet another successful and quick vehicle recovery.

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