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At approximately 21h00 on Saturday evening, our Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call for assistance from one of our Umhlanga UIP guards, for possible car thieves attempting to steal a Toyota Hilux on Lagoon Drive in Umhlanga.
Multiple Armed Reaction Officers were immediately dispatched and upon arriving to the scene, our officers noticed two suspects alight from a Toyota Hilux and into a Toyota Quantum and sped off. Our officers immediately gave chase.
The suspects then abandoned their vehicle at the end Lagoon drive and jumped into the Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve. A foot search was conducted for the suspects but they unfortunately evaded arrest.
Upon further investigation it was found that the ignition of the Toyota Hilux was tampered with. Several car break in implements as well as a police radio was found in the Toyota Quantum.
The scene was secured and handed over to the SAPS.
This Sunday morning, the Marshall Security Umhlanga UIP team conducted a search of the reserve area and found a bag with car keys, computer boxes and other devices used for vehicle break ins. The bag and items have been handed over to the SAPS for further investigation and processing.
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