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AI Surveillance Leads to Arrest of Serial Trespasser in Glen Hills

This morning at approximately 00h35 Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received an alert of a suspect trespassing on a well known complex on Rinaldo Road in the Glen Hills area via our AI cameras.

Multiple Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched who arrived on scene within minutes.

Whilst conducting a property check the suspect was spotted hiding in on of the units in the complex and was immediately apprehended.

The homeowner who was informed accordingly and wished pressing charges against the suspect for trespassing.

Greenwood Park SAPS were contacted who arrived on scene within minutes and transported the suspect to Greenwood Park SAPS and was charged for trespassing.

The suspect is known and was arrested by our team members in 2017 and is believed to be involved in numerous house breakings, theft and theft out of motor vehicle incidents in the Glen Hills area.

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