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Alarming Insight: Alarm Systems Not Armed At 60% Of Crime Incidents

Alarm systems not armed

Peace of mind. That’s what an alarm system provides. It’s a physical solution that sits in the back of your head (and cupboard), which allows you to relax. They’re pretty wonderful like that. And they’re effective too. When you arm them. That was a particularly pointed statement aimed directly at you by the way, just in case you missed it.

Because here’s a little-known fact for you: that alarm system, the same one which you paid a fair amount of money for, well, it isn’t even armed at about 60% of the incidents we respond to. Big yikes.

We know that it seems almost unnecessary to hit the button and switch that system to armed while you quickly dash out to the nearest forecourt for milk, or while you’re dancing around your kitchen in your socks singing really off-key to Disney hits (yeah, don’t even try and deny it). But, to put it quite frankly, you’re wrong. Bad guys do bad guy things pretty much any time. Maybe you’re home… maybe you’re not. Maybe it’s midnight, or maybe it’s 9.30am. It doesn’t matter. They capitalise on distraction, on your apathy, and on opportunity.

Why Alarm Systems Not Armed Is A Problem

Here in South Africa we are all pretty in tune with the crime rate. Everyone has a story of something that happened to them, specifically. That time they got smash-and-grabbed, or their cellphone got stolen, or the time armed intruders made it past the gate. *Shudders* Crime is rampant. And that is not to be a fear-monger in any way… but knowledge is power and all that. So, here, we’re gonna drop a bit of knowledge on you real quick and you can do what you want with it (although we do recommend a good place to start is switching on you alarm. Just saying).

Housebreaking has consistently been the number one crime trend in South Africa year on year.

According to our 2020 crime report, 1.2 million incidents of housebreaking took place, affecting nearly 900,000 households in the last annual period. Raising their hand as the overachievers they are, KwaZulu-Natal was the province with the highest proportion of households that experienced a housebreaking incident. That figure was 7.1%.

To clarify the types of crime that fall within this housebreaking bracket, it’s both burglary (you’re not home) and home robbery (you are home). The latter has the potentiality to turn violent. According to our 2020 stats, 169,000 incidents of home robbery took place in the last annual window.

So, let’s review. 1. You know crime is bad, you read News24. 2. You have taken appropriate action by installing an alarm. 3. And then you… wait for it… don’t arm it, choosing to stare at it like it’s a piece of installation art instead. It’s not hard, these days you don’t even need to remember the code; you just hit the button on your remote or mobile device. That’s it. There really can be no excuse for this sort of behaviour. We’re using our stern ‘parent’ voice now, can you tell?

Reasons To Arm Your Alarm System

Anyway, enough about that… here are the reasons why you should have an (armed) alarm system:

  • Protection of person and asset. Alarm systems, when armed, are practical and useful devices, which provide protection for the residents within a premises, as well as the assets therein too.
  • They provide an opportunity for the response of your security firm of choice. The security team then also stands a chance of apprehending the criminals and therefore reducing crime in the area. Everyone wins. Except the bad guys.
  • Alarm systems serve as early warning devices. If linked to beams and cameras, an intruder can activate a sensor that triggers the alarm, immediately shifting your security company into action. This can neutralise a bad situation before it escalates.  
  • It is a deterrent. If that alarm goes off an intruder knows that their time is limited. They generally skedaddle, or panic and rush and your losses are less.
  • You can now remotely monitor your indoor and outdoor security cameras, no matter where you are. This ensures you can keep an eye on things even while away on holiday.
  • You can link your panic button to your mobile device. Remember when you were first introduced to an alarm system back in 19 something or other? Fixed panic buttons were dotted around the place. You probably played out a slow motion highlights reel of how you would Bruce Lee your way toward them if the occasion asked for it… exciting (imaginary you is very brave) but now unnecessary.
  • Peace of mind. We led with this one. But wow does it ever do the trick. These days it’s hard to put a price on your mental health and wellbeing. An alarm is good place to start though.

If you don’t have an alarm system (yet), we think we have provided adequate reasons why you should be hopping on that bus. However, if you do have one, then we just humbly suggest that you double check your security firm of choice is everything that their label says it is. i.e. Proactive, fast and reliable. If they aren’t, we’d like to raise our hand and then provide a hand if the need arises.

Since we’re now on the same page about all of this, we know that your alarm is currently armed (yay), so off you go, back to dancing around your kitchen singing into you spatula. Sing it loud and proud friend, and don’t worry, no other family members are watching via the remote access system, and they are definitely not laughing. Promise.

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