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Notorious Theft and Trespassing Suspect Arrested in Prestondale

Yesterday at approximately 20h10 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a panic activation from a client on Albizia Road in the Prestondale area, reporting a suspect on their property.

Our Armed Response Officers and backup members arrived on the scene shortly after being made aware that it could possibly be the same suspect from the night before who was trespassing and stole multiple items from properties on Albizia Road.

One of our officers communicated with our Emergency Dispatch Centre, advising that he had a visual of the suspect fence hopping on Albizia Road. Our officers swiftly blocked all surrounding roads while our Emergency Dispatch Centre closely monitored for alarms being triggered on Albizia.

Determined to catch the fence hopper, our officers gave chase on foot through the premises and cornered the suspect on Albizia Road and promptly apprehended.

During a search of the nearby park, multiple stolen items were found. The suspect admitted to stealing the items and was handed over to SAPS for legal proceedings, where the residents from the Prestondale area had already opened cases with the SAPS.

The swift action and coordination between our officers and the Emergency Dispatch Centre ensured the safety of the community and the recovery of stolen property.

We extend our gratitude to our dedicated team for their relentless efforts in protecting our clients and their properties.

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