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Alert Neighbour and Swift Response Lead to Trespasser’s Arrest in Durban North by Marshall Security

Trespasser Arrest Durban North

Marshall Security’s Swift Response Leads to Apprehension of Trespassing Suspect in Durban North

This morning at approximately 09:30, Marshall Security’s Emergency Dispatch Centre received multiple distress calls from concerned residents residing on Dorrington Crescent and St Andrews Drive in Durban North. These reports detailed a trespassing incident, with witnesses observing a suspect jumping over fences and trespassing on neighboring properties.

In a remarkable display of efficiency and vigilance, Marshall Security swiftly responded to the distress calls. Multiple Armed Response Officers, along with members of our Special Operations Team, were immediately dispatched to the scene, arriving within minutes.

As our team members arrived at the location, they heard screams emanating from a neighboring property, drawing their attention to the presence of the suspect. Without hesitation, they skillfully located and apprehended the suspect, following a brief scuffle, after he had jumped over the boundary wall of a property on Dorrington Crescent.

The timely response and proactive measures taken by Marshall Security’s dedicated personnel ensured the safety and security of the community. Their decisive action not only led to the swift apprehension of the trespassing suspect but also reassured the affected residents, underscoring the effectiveness of our emergency response systems.

Upon notifying the Durban North South African Police Service (SAPS), they promptly arrived at the scene to assume custody of the apprehended suspect.

The suspect has since been transported to the Durban North SAPS station, where he now faces charges of trespassing.

Marshall Security would like to extend its gratitude to the alert neighbor who played a vital role in guiding our team members to the suspect’s location. We commend their courage and willingness to assist in maintaining the security of our community.

We encourage residents to remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activities to the relevant authorities.

As a leading security provider in Durban North, Marshall Security remains committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community members. Our dedicated teams, equipped with state-of-the-art resources and extensive training, are ready to respond swiftly to any emergency situation, bolstering the security infrastructure within our area.

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