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Alert Response Leads to Arrest in Westmead Cash Register Theft

Westmead Cash Register Theft

This morning at approximately 08h00 whilst one of our Armed Response Officers in the Westmead area was on routine patrol spotted two suspects pushing a make shift trolley on Swanfield Road which contained cash registers.

Our officer immediately called for backup and our Tactical Unit as well additional Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched to assist. Working together the suspects were stopped and interviewed.

Upon searching the contents of the trolley, multiple cash registers, printers and other electronic devices were found. The suspects could not give our Officers a reasonable explanation as to where they got the items from and were immediately apprehended.

Pinetown SAPS were notified who arrived on scene a short while later. SAPS then also interviewed the two suspects who could also not give the SAPS a reasonable explanation as to how they had the items in their possession.

It was later then decided by the SAPS that the female suspect to be released on a warning. The male suspect together with the possible stolen items was transported to Pinetown SAPS for further investigation and processing.

The origin of the stolen items is still being determined. We urge anyone who has been a victim of theft, house breaking or business breaking in the area to report the matter to Pinetown SAPS. Your report could be crucial in tracing the ownership of these recovered items and in supporting ongoing investigations.

This arrest, coming just a day after the launch of the Greater Westmead Association, demonstrates the immediate impact of our enhanced security measures in the area. The GWA’s focus on collaborative security efforts between local businesses and security forces is already proving to be a game-changer in crime prevention and community safety in Westmead.

Marshall Security remains committed to working alongside SAPS and other security partners to ensure the safety and security of all community members. We are proud to be part of this proactive and effective alliance that is set to redefine security standards in the Westmead Area.

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