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Armed Response Officer Rescue Boy from Housebreaker in Glen Hills

Today, just before midday, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Center received a frantic call from one of our valued clients residing on Poinsettia Road in the Glen Hills area. The caller reported a housebreaking in progress at their property, sending shockwaves of fear throughout the household, particularly because the client’s son was home alone.

In swift response to this critical situation, multiple Armed Response Officers were immediately alerted and dispatched. Within minutes, our dedicated Armed Response Officers were on the scene.

Upon their arrival, our vigilant Armed Response Officers discovered the suspect still present on the premises. The situation was critical, as the homeowner’s son remained inside the house, gripped by fear for his safety.

With unwavering bravery, our Armed Response Officers promptly entered the property, where they encountered the suspect. Maintaining their composure they successfully apprehended the suspect who was found with various household items that had been stolen from the house by the suspect.

The Greenwood Park SAPS were notified and arrived on scene within minutes. Working seamlessly together, our team handed over the suspect to law enforcement officials. The suspect was transported to Greenwood Park SAPS and will now face charges of housebreaking and theft, ensuring that justice is served.

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