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Arresting Development

By now you probably (we hope) have heard about our ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras, which we (with the help of local Community Policing Forums, Neighbourhood Watches, community security role players and other interested parties) have put up in various area hotspots throughout North Durban and the North Coast, as a proactive crime fighting solution. The good news is, it has become an efficient and effective tool, helping us fight crime before it happens.

Here is how it works. Our cameras, which use SNIPR™ software and tech, snap a shot of every vehicle number plate that passes them. Yes, that means we’ve got you on camera (probably a great many times), we hope you smiled and waved. ;). The number plate from each image is then analysed and run through the various sought vehicle databases. Our central contact centre (manned 24/7) is on the look out for any and all suspicious vehicles, so when a number plate pings an alert (having been flagged due to any number of irregularities), we are ready to take action, mobilising reaction teams straight away. Within seconds we are on our way to the last known location of the vehicle, ready to recover the car in question, and apprehend those in it, who are frequently wanted for its theft, or for suspicious activities using that vehicle in the first place.

In the last month alone, we have been involved in the apprehension and hand over to the SAPS of no fewer then 6 suspects, through ANPR camera alerts. Just take a look at our news feed (on Facebook and on our webpage HERE for more information on these).

We currently have 28 sets of cameras up (these include 5 sets on the North Coast and 23 sets in north Durban), with more on the way as news spreads and we roll out further. Morningside, we’re ready when you are 😉

So, if you live in north Durban, the North Coast or Morningside, and if you’re involved in your community safety and security in any way (or want to pass on info to people that are), please give us a call and we will assist you with any information you may need.

(BTW: if you haven’t heard about our ANPR project before now then a) tut tut, we’re currently giving you that narrow eyed glare that your mom is so good at and b) you can catch up by clicking HERE (mom glare neutralised ;))

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