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Two years ago, we began working on a community project in Morningside. The community asked for a quote for the installation and use of ANPR cameras to monitor their area. ANPR or Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras, which we have been using for the last few years, are an excellent technological innovation that we highly recommend, as they have helped revolutionise crime-fighting in this country. Essentially every single vehicle that travels past an ANPR camera gets their photograph taken (so smile and wave guys), the number plates are automatically captured, decrypted and checked against various sought vehicle databases. If a vehicle registration has been listed in connection with a crime or theft, or another anomaly it instantly triggers an alert that is picked up in our control room, activating a response. These cameras have helped turn our force into a proactive solution, as we are able to recover stolen vehicles and make arrests of criminals BEFORE they do bad things.

At the time, we gave the community two options when it came to installing a set of these cameras – either purchase them from us or get a certain amount of sign-ups in the area and we will supply and install them for free. Due to the expense of the cameras, option two was the preferred one, but it was a slow process, as we did not yet have a significant footprint or traction in the area. However, our sales advisor running with the project persisted… and persisted… and yes, persisted. Now, two years down the line, the sign-up target has been reached. Cue ecstatic cheering. Except by this point, and with a change in community members and leadership, the promise we had made regarding this project had all but been forgotten, except by us. We keep our promises… and our communities safe.

Today we are ready to introduce some shiny new ANPR cameras to the area. We can’t wait to see the impact they have.

To find out if we can help in your community, with ANPR cameras or other solutions, please give us a call on our In Case of Anything number, or mail us on

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