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Back-to-Back Arrests: Special Ops Team Thwarts Theft in Kenville and Park Hill

At approximately 09h15, while vigilantly patrolling Parkington Grove, in the Kenville area members of our Special Operations Team spotted a suspect jumping over a fence from a premises with a mattress.

Taking immediate action our team members immediately apprehended the suspect.

Upon inspecting the property, it was determined that the suspect had forcibly opened a garage door a stole a mattress. Efforts were made to reach the homeowner who is currently overseas.

The Greenwood Park SAPS arrived on the scene within minutes and transported the suspect together with the stolen item to Greenwood Park SAPS for further investigation and processing.

In a separate incident, this afternoon at 13h50 whilst members of our Special Operations Team were on routine patrol on Park Road in the Park Hill area noticed a suspect breaking into a clients tool shed.

Our team members reacted swiftly and managed to apprehend the suspect who threatened our team members with a knife and was caught red handed in the act of stealing power tools.

The Greenwood Park SAPS arrived on scene swiftly and transported the suspect to the station for further processing and investigations.

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