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October 13, 2023

Back-to-Back Arrests: Special Ops Team Thwarts Theft in Kenville and Park Hill

In two distinct incidents, Marshall Security’s alert Special Operations Team averts property thefts in both Kenville and Park Hill areas, showcasing a relentless commitment to safeguarding the community. Discover how immediate action and professional response can make all the difference when every second counts in the battle against burglary.

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Joint Effort Halts Notorious Copper Thief in Durban North

Marshall Security, alongside local neighborhood watches and Durban North SAPS, tracks and apprehends a suspect believed to be a key player in recent copper thefts and house break-ins. Dive into our account of the intense, cooperative manhunt and discover how community unity is shielding our areas from crime.

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Sugary Theft Unwrapped: Team Apprehends Repeat Shoplifter

Dive into a sweetly-solved crime as Marshall Security swiftly apprehends a notorious chocolate shoplifter in La Lucia. With an impeccable response time and keen observance, our team continues to ensure that culprits face due consequences. Discover the full, flavorful story!

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