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‘Bang’ On Target! With Pet Safety Tips 

You know that heart-in-your-mouth feeling that happens when you are happily (if you say so) jogging around the block and a car unexpectedly backfires? Mileage may vary (literally), but you generally find yourself half a block further down the road with an elevated heartrate and in the hard, unyielding grip of sheer terror. Cold sweat? Sure. Heart attack? Imminent. Swearing out loud? Almost certainly.  

And look. We can relate. Dealing with loud bangs is sort of in our job description and it still gets the blood pumping, but here’s the thing, if one bang can get everyone re-evaluating life choices, where does that leave our pets? We’d wager that all of them, from Nigel the Goldfish to Dear-Donna the Pomeranian, would like a word, and that word is ‘please back away from the fireworks, slowly, thank you’.  

And this is exactly why we are here today. Because yes, we protect homes, and humans, but we have a major soft spot for all the best friends out there too (the fluffy variety). And while most of us these days are responsible pet people, we can’t control our neighbours, sadly, so here is a handy little list of pet safety tips and tricks to get us all through Fireworks Season.  

All ‘scaredy cats’ (and other pets) are offended by the term, but still approve of this list:  

  1. Don’t buy any. Honestly, we want to stop the list right here, but we understand that it is often out of your hands. Or it should be, those things are dangerous.  
  1. Tag your buddy please. Just like you bolt down the road when you get a fright (yes, fight or flight is a real thing), our pets do too, and the loud noises can easily get them lost and disorientated.  
  1. Make sure all your doors, gates and windows are shut, (this is safety rule number 1 for all our humans, so we know it must be done already, right? RIGHT? *quietly judges you*).  
  1. Make them a small, comfortable safe space to ‘hide’ in until the nightmare is over. Maybe chill with them a bit? They’ll like that, mostly because they like you.  
  1. Turn it into a cheat treat night and shower them with lots of delicious things.  
  1. Follow our Marshall powered Here Buddy community page. There you can post about pets that have been lost and found in the area so that they can be reunited with their humans.  

Just so you know, we will step in for your ‘best buddies’ if they need us, because we appreciate how important family is (every single member). Call us, In Case of Anything.  

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