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Brand New Vehicle Stolen While Service Technician Tends To Fibre Box

Yesterday afternoon members of our Special Operations Team were able to locate a vehicle shortly after it had been stolen in the Avoca area.

At approximately 15h50 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received panic activations from a client’s premises on Bailey Road in the Avoca area. Multiple Armed Response Officers and members of our Special Ops Team were activated and arrived on scene within minutes to investigate. 

It was established that a network service technician had left his vehicle idling while attending to a nearby fibre box. While he was conducting his work, he noticed a suspect armed with a knife that had gotten into his vehicle and drove off. A short while later it was determined that the stolen vehicle was fitted with Tracker SA, who then activated members of our Special Ops Team to assist with locating it. 

Our team members immediately responded and within four minutes of being activated, the vehicle was found abandoned on Mnsinsi Lane in the Quarry Heights area where it was recovered by Tracker SA assisted by members of our Special Ops Team, the SAPS Phoenix Trio Crimes Unit, and the SAPS Greenwood Park Trio Crimes Unit. Most of the items that were inside the vehicle had been removed and could unfortunately not be recovered. The vehicle was handed back to the owner as he did not desire to open a case.

Vehicle related crimes are still a regular occurrence and we urge Durban motorists to be extremely vigilant. Never leave your car idling when you are getting out of it for a short period of time, always check the door handles when locking your vehicle to prevent remote jamming, and we highly recommend that you get a tracking unit installed for an increased chance of recovery. 

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