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Car Theft Suspects In Possession Of Stolen Peacock Sentenced And Fined

High speed chase, vehicle overturned, suspects arrested, peacock found in boot. Does this incident ring a bell?

Just over a year ago, on the 26th of October 2020, a peacock made headlines when it was found inside the boot of the overturned vehicle of suspects who had been involved in a high speed chase with Marshall Security Special Ops Team and armed response members. The suspects had been spotted attempting to steal a vehicle by the Umdloti UIP, who proceeded to report the incident.

Today, we are pleased to report that both suspects that were arrested each received a suspended sentence of 5 years, were fined R5,000, and were also required to pay an additional R10,000 into the Criminal Asset Recovery Fund (CARA).

The suspects were found guilty of attempted theft of a motor vehicle, possession of car break-in implements, reckless and negligent driving… and theft of a peacock! 

Although our officers played their part with vigilance when the incident occurred, pursuing and apprehending the suspects, we honour the work of all police officials who followed through with investigations and performed their due diligence in ensuring these suspects were convicted.

These members and units that ensured successful prosecution included Specialist Prosecutor Adv K Pillay and the Durban North Detective Team, the SAPS Occult Unit, and WO Matsena from anti-corruption.

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