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Cash-In-Transit Security Members Involved In Shootout With Armed Robbers

Cash-In-Transit Security Members Involved In Shootout With Armed Robbers

Multiple shots were fired during an attempted armed robbery on cash-in-transit vehicles at a fuel station on North Coast Road in Redhill earlier today.

At approximately 10h45 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received numerous calls from members of the public, panic activations from clients, and messages on WhatsApp crime alert groups reporting that multiple gunshots were being fired at a well known fuel station on North Coast Road.

Multiple Armed Response Officers and Special Operation Team members were dispatched and arrived on scene within minutes, immediately proceeding to secure the scene. The suspects had unfortunately fled prior to the arrival of our team.

It was established that G4S security members were involved in a shootout with an unknown number of suspects who had arrived in an unidentified vehicle and attempted to rob two G4S cash vehicles. The security members were on site to service the ATM’s.

A number of spent cartridges were found on scene including that of high caliber rifles. One G4S security member was injured during the shootout after sustaining a head injury inside his vehicle while attempting to flee from the suspects. Netcare911 paramedics were called by our Emergency Dispatch Centre and arrived on scene a short while later to attend to the injured. The patient was then transported to hospital for the further medical care that he required.

The scene was secured by members of our Special Operations Team and handed over to the SAPS who arrived a short while later.

The suspects fled empty-handed.

The scene is still active and will be investigated further by the Greenwood Park SAPS.

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