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Suspects Arrested for Multiple Common Robberies

Last night at approximately 18h00, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch was alerted to an attempted common robbery incident at a well-known fast food outlet on Kenneth Kaunda Road in the Umgeni Park area. A suspect attempted to forcefully snatch a phone from one of the patrons while in the store; however, the patron managed to hold onto his phone. The suspect then fled on foot to a getaway vehicle, a VW Polo with no back plate.

Our ground teams were immediately notified, and an extensive search for the suspect’s vehicle commenced. A short while later, the suspect’s vehicle was spotted traveling on Swapo Road in the Durban North area. Together with the assistance of the Durban North SAPS Trio Crimes Unit, the vehicle was brought to a halt on the M41 in the La Lucia area, where two suspects were immediately apprehended.

Upon searching the suspect’s vehicle, a cellphone not belonging to any of the suspects was discovered. Further investigations revealed that the phone had been stolen from a member of the public on Ennisdale Drive in the Durban North area, outside a well-known eatery, after their failed attempt on Kenneth Kaunda Road.

It was also established that the suspects and their vehicle were linked to another common robbery case earlier in the afternoon, where a member of the public’s cellphone was forcefully snatched outside a well-known coffee shop on The High Street in Gateway, Umhlanga. Both suspects, along with the suspect’s vehicle, were transported to Durban North SAPS for further investigations and processing.

Well done to our team on yet another successful arrest and the collaborative teamwork with Durban North SAPS.

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