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Community and Security Team Up: Copper Pipe Thief Arrested in Avoca!

At midday today, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre was notified of a theft of copper pipe incident on North Coast Road in the Avoca area, where a homeowner reported that the suspect stole copper pipes shortly after being given some food.

The homeowner provided an accurate description of the suspect , prompting our team members to immediately patrol the vicinity in search of the individual.

A short while later, the homeowner informed our Dispatch Centre that he had spotted the suspect near Mathambos Informal Settlement on Old North Coast Road. Our teams quickly responded and managed to successfully apprehended the suspect.

Further investigations led to the recovery of the stolen copper pipes, which were positively identified by the homeowner.

Greenwood Park SAPS who were on patrol in the area, assisted in the operation. Upon searching the suspect drugs were found in his possession.

The suspect was transported to Greenwood Park SAPS for further investigations and processing.

We commend the homeowner for their vigilance and crucial role in facilitating this arrest.

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