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Suspect Apprehended in Copper Incident by GWA and Marshall Security

This morning at approximately 08h58, while on patrol along Henry Pennington Rd, our GWA Armed Response Officers noticed a male carrying a large bag.

Our officers approached the male to inquire about the contents of the bag. Upon searching the bag, copper was discovered inside. When asked where he had obtained the copper, the suspect could not provide a straightforward answer, raising suspicion. The suspect was then apprehended. Pinetown SAPS were dispatched to the scene for further investigation.

While waiting for Pinetown SAPS, another male carrying a large bag passed by and was stopped and questioned about the contents of his bag, which also contained a significant amount of copper. The second suspect claimed his employer had given it to him and provided a cell number for confirmation. When contacted, the employer denied authorising anyone to take copper.

Copper Incident Apprehension

The first suspect was released by Pinetown SAPS after investigations confirmed his explanation was legitimate, while the second suspect was detained at Pinetown SAPS for further legal proceedings.

Well done to our team on yet another successful apprehension. The collaboration between Marshall Security and the Greater Westmead Association played a key role in ensuring a safer environment for everyone involved.

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