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Marshall Security Nabs Repeat Offender for Copper Pipe Theft in Effingham

This morning at approximately 02h20, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call from a client residing on Allenby Road in the Effingham area after hearing unusual noises from their property. The client requested that our Armed Response Officers attend to the situation.

Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched and arrived on scene within minutes. During a thorough property inspection, it was established that the client’s copper pipes had been stolen.

Determined to bring these criminals to justice, our Armed Response Officers immediately conducted an extensive search of the area for any suspicious individuals. A few minutes later, a suspect who had been apprehended twice by our team in the last month was spotted walking on Tweed Road. The suspect noticed our Armed Response Officers and attempted to flee on foot. However, after a short chase, the suspect was apprehended.

Upon inspecting the contents of the suspect’s backpack, multiple pieces of copper piping were discovered and positively identified as the pipes stolen from Allenby Road.

Marshall Security Copper Pipe Theft Arrest
Marshall Security Copper Pipe Theft Arrest

The homeowners were informed and expressed their desire to press charges against the suspect. Greenwood Park SAPS were notified and arrived on scene shortly thereafter, transporting the suspect and the stolen items to a nearby police station for further legal proceedings.

Notably, this is the third time we have arrested this suspect within a month, underscoring the persistent efforts of Marshall Security to ensure community safety.

At Marshall Security, we don’t just respond to report; we respond swiftly and produce results.

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