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Crime Doesn’t Sleep And Neither Do We: Two Public Holiday Arrests

Our teams have been busy during the public holidays and have managed to make two arrests.

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 16h55 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call from a non-client on Carlisle Crescent in the Durban North area who stated that their neighbour just informed them that there is a suspect breaking into their property.

Multiple Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched and arrived on scene approximately 5 minutes later.

As our Armed Response Officers entered the property one suspect was immediately apprehended with electrical tools in his possession. The suspect had forced open and broke the glass door before entering and stealing the items. The homeowner was contacted and arrived on scene a short while later.

It was later established that the suspect was known to the home owner and neighbour who currently works at the property as a gardener.

Unfortunately the suspect was released with a warning as the homeowner did not desire pressing charges against the suspect.

We encourage the community to please open cases with the SAPS no matter how small or petty the crime is, even if the suspect is known or not.

This morning at approximately 08h30 whilst one of our Armed Response Officers was on routine patrol in the Durban North area noticed a female walking and crying on Chelsea Drive. Our Armed Response Officer approached the female and it was established that the female had just been robbed by two suspects who forcefully snatched her purse from her which contained cash and bank cards and then fled on foot.

Our Armed Response Officer immediately called for back up and without hesitation went in search of the two suspects after being given an accurate description of the suspects by the victim.

A short while later our Armed Response Officer noticed the two suspects walking on Brooklands Crescent where they were immediately apprehended.

Upon searching the suspects the victims purse as well as a knife was found in their possession.

Durban North SAPS were contacted who arrived on scene a short while later. The victim desired to open a case and the suspects were transported to Durban North SAPS where the suspects will be charged for common robbery.

Well done to our members on yet another arrest.

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