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Determined Pursuit Of Theft Suspects Results In Arrest Of Five

Five suspects were arrested after the Marshall Umhlanga UIP team were alerted to a theft incident that had occurred at a local laundromat in the Umhlanga area earlier today.

It was established that the suspects had entered a laundromat on Lighthouse Road and managed to steal a cellphone. The suspects fled the scene on foot to an awaiting silver VW Polo that was parked on Lagoon Drive.

After being spotted by members of the Marshall Umhlanga UIP, the suspects dumped the phone and got into their getaway vehicle. The UIP members, who were on foot, attempted to stop the vehicle and prevent the suspects from fleeing, however they managed to speed off.

Determined to catch the suspects, a description of the vehicle was relayed from the UIP members to our guarding supervisor, who spotted the vehicle fleeing toward Gateway and immediately gave chase, while calling for additional backup. Members of our Special Operations Team were immediately activated to assist. Our teams relentlessly pursued the suspects in a lengthy chase, until the vehicle was finally brought to a stop on the N3 west bound just after the EB Cloete interchange. 

All the occupants of the vehicle were immediately arrested. The Durban North Crime Prevention Unit arrived on the scene and proceeded with taking over. The suspects were then transported back to the Durban North Police station for further processing and investigation. 

A case of theft was opened at the Durban North Police Station by the victim, and the stolen phone was handed back to the owner.

Well done to our tenacious team on yet another successful arrest for the week.

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