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Determined Response Officers Arrest Glenhills Suspect After An Hour’s Chase

Determined Response Officers Arrest Theft Suspect After An Hour's Chase

Determined Armed Response Officers arrested a suspect for theft from a property in the Glenhills area after an hour’s chase this morning.

At approximately 05h50 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call from a member of the public who witnessed a suspect trespassing in a neighbouring property, who is a Marshall client, on Casuarina Circle in the Glenhills area.

The caller gave a detailed description of the suspect which was relayed to the multiple Armed Response Officers and Special Operation Team members who were immediately dispatched to the scene.

As our first Armed Response Officer arrived on scene the suspect was seen climbing over the neighbouring property wall with stolen items. As soon as the suspect noticed our Armed Response Officer, he dropped the stolen items and fled on foot, fence-hopping from property to property through the Glenhill area with our Armed Response Officers hot on his heels.

After nearly an hour of chasing after the wily suspect, he was arrested by our Armed Response Officers on a non-client property on Clematis Grove. It was established that the suspect had stolen the items from the first property he was seen fleeing.

Greenwood Park SAPS arrived on scene and the suspect was handed over for further investigation and processing.

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