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Double Vehicle Recovery Success by Special Operations Team

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 12h30, our Special Operations Team were called to assist Netstar Tracking with recovering a white Renault Triber. The vehicle was stolen during a house robbery in the Groutville area by unknown amount of armed suspects.

Responding promptly, our team members located the stolen vehicle within ten minutes of dispatch. The vehicle was found abandoned in the Shakaskraal area, on an unnamed road, and was recovered with the combined efforts of our Special Operations Team, Z2 Security, McCarthy Risk, and the Netstar ground team.

The vehicle was then transported back to the homeowner’s house.

A short while later our Special Ops Team were yet again dispatched by Netstar Tracking to assist with a locating a VW Polo which had been stolen from Maplefield Place in the Umgeni Business Park area.

Our Special Ops Team members immediately responded to the last known location. Within minutes, the stolen Polo was found in Kwamashu E – Section, abandoned and significantly stripped. The recovery was made possible with the assistance of the Netstar ground team and Kwamashu SAPS.

The vehicle was transported to Kwamashu SAPS for further investigations and processing.

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