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Double Win: Remarkable Recoveries of Hijacked Vehicles Thanks to Special Ops Collaboration

In a testament to effective collaboration and swift action, members of our Special Operations Team, in conjunction with Tracker SA, McCarthy Risk, Matrix Tracking, Z2 Security, SAPS, and other private security partners, achieved two remarkable recoveries of hijacked vehicles today.

The first incident unfolded this afternoon, at approximately 13:19, when a Toyota Hilux was hijacked by an unknown number of armed suspects in the Charlottedale area. During the hijacking, an undisclosed sum of cash was taken from the driver. Our Special Operations Team sprang into action, locating the hijacked vehicle within minutes. It was found abandoned on a dirt road, just off the N2 Highway. Remarkably, the victim chose not to pursue a case, and the vehicle was promptly returned to its owner.

Hijacked Vehicle Recoveries

In a second incident earlier today, around 09:00 in the Ixopo area, a CAT TLB was hijacked after the driver was bound. Once again, our Special Operations Team responded swiftly. They spotted the CAT TLB on a flatbed truck traveling along the N2 North Highway. With the support of Stanger SAPS, McCarthy Risk, Matrix Ground Team, Z2 Security and other private security personnel, the truck was intercepted. One suspect was apprehended, and the CAT TLB was successfully recovered. The suspect is now in custody at Stanger SAPS, pending further investigation.

Hijacked Vehicle Recoveries

These extraordinary successes demonstrate the unwavering commitment and professionalism of our Special Operations Team, working alongside valued partners to ensure the safety of our communities and the recovery of stolen property. The collaboration among these organisations highlights the power of unity in the fight against crime.

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