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Drop The Dead Weight: A Handy 2023 (Re)Solution Plan 

New beginnings are bright and shiny things and generally, we enter them with bold and brave optimism (the human race is nothing if not resilient and oddly hopeful in the face of well… *gestures wildly at the world*), but then 2020 happened, a year that it is widely agreed, sucked, and we admit, even our own positive outlook was a little shaken. “But at least it couldn’t get any worse,” we all said. We didn’t realize the universe would take this as a challenge. 

We hadn’t even counted 2021 in yet, and it had already said, ‘hold my non-alcoholic beverage of choice’. And then came 2022. Enough said.   

This all brings us here, today, to 2023. *prods the future nervously with a stick*   

As of January, the Doomsday Clock is officially closer to midnight than it’s ever been before, but by now we’re all so impervious to things going the opposite of awesome that when we found out, the world collectively went ‘huh’ and carried on with their day.  

Where are we going with this, you ask? Well, the way we see it, no matter what happens, us humans will carry on making plans and trying to be better (for ourselves and each other) and we want to help you with that. That’s why we have compiled this incredibly upbeat (lol) blog to assist you with your new year’s solutions (note we say ‘solutions’ not ‘resolutions’ because this isn’t about intention, it’s about action… which we know a thing or 10 about).  So, here goes.  

Your New Year Solution 

Your New Year Solution is, drum roll please… us. There’s no point in burying the lead, not when swarms of angry purple kangaroos could already be on their way (after the last 3 years, nothing would surprise us). That said, let’s dial it back a bit anyway, for context.  

At New Year’s we all talk about making changes and dropping the dead weight.  

9 times out of 10, we’re talking actual physical weight – the gym memberships surge in January and February, and there is even that green stuff called lettuce in your fridge. But dropping the dead weight could and should also be applied liberally to other areas – like dropping the dead-end job and/or the people that weigh us down.  

But what about the service providers that don’t pull their weight? Well, they shouldn’t get a free pass either. So says us. Although, *coughs* we have an ulterior motive, we admit.  

Cost vs. Cost.  

We know we aren’t the ‘cheapest’ private security provider out there. But here’s the thing, what’s the cost of staying with a provider that doesn’t offer the level of service you and your family require? Invariably, and not to make you read to heavily between the lines here, the cost you sometimes wind up paying (although we really hope you never do), well, it’s much, much higher than our monthly fee. That’s something to think about. Aaaaaand, now that we’ve brought down the mood in the room (sorry), let’s look at a little thing called value.   

10 Ways Marshall Security Is Your New Year Solution 
  1. Response Times. Ours are one of the fastest within the areas we serve and let’s be honest, THAT is exactly what you are wanting from your security provider of choice.  
  1. We’re a little (read: a lot) controlling, that’s how things work best. We have a centralised control centre that is operational 24/7. Alarms go off and the signal is relayed to our control centre immediately. Within moments, they have activated our closest patrolling response officer to attend the scene. While you’re reading this sentence, it’s already happened. Probably twice. Ooop. There we go again. You catch our drift. 
  1. Vehicle to Client Ratio. While many private security providers quietly remove vehicles from their fleet, increasing the number of clients that are serviced per vehicle (which impacts response times negatively) our fleet continues to grow to meet the needs of our clients (keeping us more agile and quicker to respond than our competitors – see point 1).  
  1. Technology. Always on the leading edge with technology, we pilot and implement crime fighting techniques and devices that work, consistently. Did you know that we were the first private security company to bring ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras to Durban? Smile, we got you. 😉  
  1. Special Operations Team. Our SOT is experienced and incredibly effective, and are also largely comprised of members from our management team, which = sophisticated tactics and deep knowledge. It is our hands-on approach that gets the results and make us a force for the bad guys to reckon with.  
  1. You can sign up with us within 24 hours (see, it’s not just our response times that are quick.) Everything about us is streamlined and efficient, which is exactly what you want from a service provider, right? Who knew that dropping dead weight could happen so quickly, and you don’t even have to eat lettuce to get these great results. 😉 Win freaking win.  
  1. Medical care, quick. Did you know that we have tactical medics on call that are able to assist with an emergency prior to an ambulance arriving if needed? There was even one time when we helped a woman deliver her baby on the side of the road. True story – you can check it out here. Also, please see point 10 below. 
  1. Our footprint is pretty important. Other security companies want to be the biggest, so they spread themselves thin to get everywhere. We, on the other hand, want to be the best so we consolidate our forces in the areas we serve and hyper focus there. Do we want to grow? Sure, of course, but not at the expense of our service.   
  1. Community Care. We don’t just work in the area, we live in the area, which means we take a real and personal interest in making sure the communities we serve are as safe as possible. We engage in local WhatsApp groups, neighbourhood watches and community meetings, and have even created initiatives like ‘Here Buddy’, which is powered by us and meant to help reunite best furry buddies with their lost humans.  
  1. In Case of Anything. Imagine this, you’re in a panic and you need help… who do you call? Police? Fire Department? Kangaroo Wrangler? Ghostbusters? We decided many moons ago that we wanted to be the place you called, In Case of Anything. Save our number, it’s the only one you really need, and we’ll take care of the rest.  

Bearing all the above in mind, we think it’s fair to say that when it comes to the cost of things (however you want to interpret our meaning there) we’re worth it. For peace of mind (now that’s a real feeling of weightlessness), for a heavy hitting solution and streamlined efficiency, for security In Case of Anything, we WILL ‘work out’ for you. See what we did there? Of course you do.  

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