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Marshall Security Rapidly Intercepts Suspect with Stolen Items in Durban North

Durban North Suspected Theft

At approximately 12:30 this afternoon, while on routine patrol, our Armed Response officers encountered an individual acting suspiciously on Adelaide Tambo Drive.

The individual, a male, was spotted carrying four plastic chairs under questionable circumstances. When questioned by Marshall Security’s Armed Response officers, the suspect was unable to provide a reasonable explanation for possessing these items. Further investigation revealed more suspicious items in his bag, including a chain, multiple locks, and copper pipes, for which he also could not account.

Durban North Suspected Theft

Responding efficiently to this suspicious activity, Durban North SAPS were notified and arrived at the scene promptly. The suspect, along with the suspected stolen items, was transported to Durban North SAPS for further processing. He is now facing charges for being in possession of suspected stolen goods.

The suspects apprehension follows an earlier incident on December 12, where the same individual was detained for trespassing. In the previous encounter, despite being apprehended, the homeowner did not press charges.

These repeated incidents highlight the ongoing challenges faced by the Durban North community and underscore the importance of Marshall Security’s consistent and vigilant presence. Our team remains committed to detecting and responding to potential criminal activities, ensuring the safety and security of the area.

Marshall Security urges all residents to report any instances of theft or crime, regardless of the perceived severity. It is essential to report every crime to the SAPS, no matter how small or large, to ensure that appropriate actions are taken and to help prevent future incidents. Reporting all crimes contributes to a safer and more secure community for everyone.

At Marshall Security we remain dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of the community, working closely with local law enforcement to address and prevent crime.

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