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Effective Teamwork in Tshelimnyama Hijacking: Coordinated Efforts Lead to Vehicle Recovery

Marshall Security Tshelimnyama Hijacking

Last night at approximately 19h49 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre was alerted to a hijacking which had occured in the Tshelimnyama, Marianhill area where an Isuzu bakkie owned by a business based in the Westmead, Pinetown area was hijacked by unknown amount of armed suspects.

It’s was later established that the vehicle was fitted with a tracking device from Cartrack. Member of our Special Operations Team were immediately notified to assist.

After an extensive track, the hijacked vehicle was eventually recovered and found abandoned on an unknown road name in the Demat area, South of Durban by members of our Special Operations Team, Cartrack ground team and Marianhill SAPS.

Marshall Security Tshelimnyama Hijacking

The vehicle was transported to Marianhill SAPS for further investigations and processing.

In light of the recent hijacking incident and the subsequent successful recovery of the vehicle, it’s imperative to acknowledge the crucial role played by the Greater Westmead Association (GWA) in facilitating such effective responses.

This incident not only highlights the efficiency and dedication of Marshall Security, Cartrack, and Marianhill SAPS but also underscores the significance of GWA membership in driving coordinated security efforts.

The GWA’s commitment to uniting businesses and security forces is more than just a statement; it’s a proactive approach to community safety and responsiveness. Remember, the power of unity in the GWA network is your assurance of a swift and effective response.

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