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Exercise Caution

Being able to exercise beyond our gates as we hit level 4 was awesome.  However, it has also made runners, walkers and all the ‘I’m going to pretend to be a walker so that I can grab a takeout coffee’ drinkers easy targets for petty theft.

So, if you are heading out to exercise (or to pretend to exercise) please remember the following.

  1. ID. Carry some form of identification on your person.
  2. Tell Someone. Let someone know when and where you are going. If possible connect via an app like STRAVA so they can track you.
  3. Rerouting. It may drive Google Maps crazy but don’t listen to her. Vary your route as much as possible.
  4. Visibility is important. We’re all hiding behind masks and buffs now… but we still need to be seen. So wear reflective sports gear.
  5. Tracking. If you take your phone with you (sometimes not advisable, but if you do…) download the Marshall Panic App. It will send your precise GPS location to our control room if you hit the button, so we can come and find you. (t’s and c’s apply)

Stay safe out there, and call us In Case Of Anything. We’ve got your back.

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