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Four Minute Response Time To Parkhill Hijacking

Marshall Security Armed Response Vehicle

At approximately 21h40 last night the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call from a client on Church Road in the Parkhill area, who stated that they had just witnessed a hijacking at the corners of Church and North Coast Roads.

During the hijacking the victim was forced out of his vehicle by two suspects, one armed with a firearm and one armed with a knife. Details of the vehicle that was hijacked were unknown at this stage.

Multiple Armed Response Officers and Special Operations Team members were dispatched and arrived on scene within 4 minutes. It was then established that the vehicle that had been hijacked was a white Datsun Go + and that the vehicle was fitted with a Netstar tracking device. As soon as the details of the hijacked vehicle was established, it was circulated to all our members to be on the look out while waiting for the the tracking device to activate.

A few moments later our Emergency Dispatch Centre was informed by Netstar that the hijacked vehicle had been recovered in the Wentworth area by the Metro Police K9 Unit.

Our members then transported the traumatised victim of the hijacking to the scene of the recovery, where they were left in the safe hands of the SAPS and Metro Police, who will be investigating further.

Well done to all the law enforcement roleplayers involved in the recovery.

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