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Good to Know. Safety Tips

Our job is to keep you safe and we take it really seriously too. It’s why we have a better ratio of clients to patrol cars in an area than our competitors and it’s why you can call us, In Case of Anything.

You can rely on us to assist if you need us, but that being said, it’s always best to be cognisant of ones surroundings, and prevent situations as much as to react well to them.

Thats why we like to bring you little tips and reminders from time to time, all in an effort to keep you extra safe. Here are an easy 3 for now.


Yes, Panic (App)

By this we mean we have one, and you should download it and use it. If you are in an emergency, hit your panic (available handily on your mobile device, which let’s be honest, is always on your person). These signals are prioritised and our response is quick and to your GPS location.


Torch Screen

Remember to keep a torch in your car (to be fair, once again, your cellphone can come to the rescue here) just in case there is an unforeseen issue on your property when you arrive home, like having to open a gate manually because of load shedding.


Lock and Load Shedding

Load shedding is our collective nemesis, one moment we are all watching Tiger King, the next we are all sitting in the dark. If this happens please remember safety first. Lock those doors and windows (even if it’s hot and the air-con is off, for obvious reasons). Make sure you are not letting yourself be an easy target. Bad guys may not have night vision, but they do have torches.


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